ASO(App Store Optimization) Guide in 2023

App store optimization (ASO) is for increasing the ranking in the app store and the Play Store. Millions of apps are available on iOS and the Play Store.
Here you will get a complete guide to e-commerce SEO strategies and planning that will help you increase your website organic traffic.
Here you can read and understand the complete process of e-commerce SEO. These strategies and tips mandatory and enough to increase your visibilty and get successful online sales. We techpex India best seo company in Noida, provide ASO services in Delhi NCR.
ASO vs SEO :ASO is like SEO, but SEO is slow, and ASO impacts ranking instantly. When you update your app store content (landing page, keywords, title, and so on), the app store ranking algorithm detects changes immediately and ranks accordingly. In short, ASO is fast.

ASO Techniques for the Play Store and the iOS App Store

ASO technique for Play Store and IOS are same but have some diffrenece. First of all, we need to know What is the difference between iOS and Play Store ASO techniques? Let's take a quick overview.

iOS App Store ASO Overview

  • Keywords : Use Add Keywords option
  • App Name
  • App Subtitle
  • App Url
  • Keywords in app purchases
  • App update
  • reviews and ratings
  • The number of apps installed

Play Store ASO Overview

  • App Title
  • App short Descrition
  • APP Long Description
  • The number of apps installed
  • App update
  • Review and Ratings

ASO Services

ASO Steps and Techniques for Android and iOS Apps

Given below are some basic points about how to optimise Android and iOS apps as per algorithms and proven techniques.
Given below are main diffrences in normal wesite and ecommerce website seo.

ASO Steps and Techniques for Android and iOS Apps

The title and subtitle are important factors in increasing CTR and improving app ranking in the App Store.We must use keywords wisely; use the main keyword in the app title, and provide context and an overview of the app or website in the subtitle.
App store gives add keywords option upto 100 keywords but play store not provide this facility. The Play Store indexes the content of apps and ranks them based on it.
The title length for both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store is 30 characters.The sub-title length for the Android and iOS app stores is, respectively, 84 and 30 characters.

How to Optimise the iOS and Play Store App Description

The character limit on the Play Store and iOS is 4000. I would suggest you use the complete limit. We can add features, Why use this app? and make sure to add our targeted keywords wisely. Don't use keyword stuffing. There are many tools available to optimise and analyse apps. I would recommend App radar.

ASO, screenshots for the Android and iOS App Stores

We need to choose the right screen shots and app preview pictures. Right screen shots or app previews not only increase CTR but also serve as a good ranking signal.
Bad screen shots or app previews reduce the CTR and affect our app ranking. We can analyse competitors' apps in terms of color, design, and ui/ux. which is helpful to attract users and increase our CTR.
The Android Play Store and the IOS App Store allow 10 and 8 screenshots, respectively.

What Show Inside the App

If your app is an e-commerce app, it must display offers.If you have a standard app, your website's UI and UX should be clean and simple.We need to encourage our audience to give reviews and ratings via push notifications and other means.Ecom brands talk about offers in the app.normal aggregate UI and UX discussion.
After we have completed all of our work, we must analyse and optimise our app on a regular basis, such as doing keyword research and using good keywords, analysing and improving screenshots or app previews, and improving preview video quality.Here are some our other seo services are local SEO, E-commerce SEO, Youtube SEO, App Store Optimization (ASO), Startups SEO etc.

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