Ecommerce SEO Guide

Ecommerce SEO Guide in 2023

If you have an e-commerce website and want to increase your product sales and audience, then on-page SEO is the most important part. For increase online sales you need to a well optimized and high quality content ecoomerce website.
Ecommerce SEO helps increase organic traffic and sales. There are various e commerce seo tips and strategies need to apply on your ecoomerce website to reach your targted audience.
Here you will get a complete guide to e-commerce SEO strategies and planning that will help you increase your website organic traffic.
Here you can read and understand the complete process of e-commerce SEO. These strategies and tips mandatory and enough to increase your visibilty and get successful online sales. We techpex India known as best seo company in Noida.

What is E Commerce SEO

E-commerce SEO means boosting your website traffic and sales organically and increasing its ranking higher on search engine results pages. We can achieve this by using e-commerce SEO.

  • E commerce optimized website help people to find and navigate to all published products. This is also help Google to index these pages on Google and show users what they are searching for.
  • Always use good and clear picture with a transparent background and different angles.
  • Add detailed description of your products with size, color, and other specific features and purchase details.
  • Add ratings and reviews, and also add product structure data to them. Implement markup properly so users can see price, availability, and reviews in SERPs.
  • Upload your total product inventory in G Merchant Center, both are for online and offline. Here you can add fast data updates, richer data, and more control over your data. You no need to wait google crawl your pages. If you add structure data google will priorly the data from feed.

What is the Difference between Ecommerce SEO and SEO

The first question that always arises in our minds is, "What is the Difference Between eCommerce and Normal SEO?" I want to be clear here that the basic fundamentals or core points of eCommerce SEO and normal SEO have never changed. Ecommerce websites differ from other websites in respect to website structure and URL structure. In this scenario, our strategy and planning changed. In commerce, SEO needs to add and remove some additional steps in strategy and planning.
Given below are main diffrences in normal wesite and ecommerce website seo.

  • We are manily focus on home page category pages in e-commerce websites. For example, the famous Indian e-commerce website Myntra uses famous keywords on its home page and category pages. In short, we are mainly focused on brand- and category-related broad keywords. We target these keywords.
  • We need to focus on site navigation and hierarchy
  • Keywords reaserch - We reserach keywords with regards to ecommerce seo. When we research keywords, we mostly buy intent keywords, not informational keywords, and never target a category or home page. We can use informational keywords on our blog.
  • UGC Content : We focuse on uger review, images, testimanial ratings all matters in ecoomece website. UGC content not matter in normal website.
  • Specific quidlines for quality rater in qraters documents which is basically google make for qraters, in this document you will get e-commerce seo
  • SEO otimization as well as ecom seo basiccally req in ecommerce users products
  • Use complete optimized products images, Use ecommerce specific apprach for writting title and description for both product and categiry pages
  • Add E commerce-specific schema markup. Checkout for→ structured data for ecommerce

Tips to Ecommerce SEO work?

Here I will describe basic seo tips for ecom website. These tips will help you increase your website's ranking. AEcom most common goal is inccrease to sales. Every website visitors not purchase but some are buy.  you need to make decision, where you want drive traffic on website on most selling products or higher profit products. It is not easy for all sites. In short, it is important to set your goal and earn it.
1: Get the technical basic right - May great content not guarantee to drive traffic for example if your pages are not crawl your website. the most famous tool for GSC you need to fix here mentioned issues. Make sure website structure is a friendly crawlers.
Check out ecommerce SEO advice from → Google Search Central
Check out ecommerce SEO advice for the the → URL inspection tool
Use the right page title and add data structure to your products and product pages. Check out GSC advice for data structure. Review the all GSC guidlines for ecomm aditional techniques. Out-of-stock products listed on your e-commerce website are not available for purchase.
2 - Check Your Content - Your home page have great contant page but what about product pages(PDP). If product pages have not users search query products available. In short provide relevant content and products to pages. Which help you increase repution recognisition. Think about diffrent stages buyer journeys, Also think about your compettiors. Analyse the sites why they are rank higher from you.
Show your USP, which makes you different from others. Develop your own content strategic tried out effectivnewss than continue to refine out distinctenss.
3 - Add proper mark up: You have products with various variantions like colors and sizes. you need to inform google relevancy your products. You can use GSC to explain the relationship between your pages. I recommended to give unique url for every relevant products and add right canonical url.
4 - Preserved Url:You need to use preserve urls for events instead of new urls like not good url policy. You need to use preserved url.
6 - Performance of the Webpage : Weppages performance is so important. Its very important for both Google search engine and users users. Page performance also google ranking factor, Its influeence Google to show page in search result. This could be particularly important. Suppose that two products have same content and same ranking here may be page performance decide which page is comes in search results. You can use and Page insight report, which gives recommendation to sort out.
  7 - Be patient: As you know seo is a long time game. some ranking signal may take many montth to reflect. So there is no guarantee of success. Explore traffic report if traffic upwords is a great sighn you are right path
Checkout measuring Google web vitals using Google Analytics
8 - Marketing Campaign

  • Social Media - Influence users to visit your website
  • Email newsletter - Use email newsletter to spread your products information
  • Third-party reviewers - Review play a role to make decision
  • printed pamplets : Add QR code and website urls
As you know, Google shows the best possible content to users performing a search. The algorithm may be changed, but the goal never changes. You need to get data collected for GSC and Google Analytics, but your website changes will help your customers instead of GSC and Analytics.

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